This is a victory for 3PL’s and everybody who uses contractors in the supply chain. While it was overshadowed by the union win against Amazon, something good came out of the Senate: David Weil’s nomination for the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division was defeated.

Recall Mr. Weil did the same job for Obama and authored the “joint-employer guidance:” 

  • A franchiser can be held responsible for the franchisee’s actions
  • A shipper could be held responsible for the actions of its 3PL’s.

This was part of the push to make all “independent contractors” be considered employees. He inspired California’s AB5 law reclassifying most independent contractors as employees.
He will not be missed. 

On Ukraine: we are buying bulletproof vests to send to relief workers in Kharkiv.

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Future delivery prices are an indication of the direction the market may go. They specifically exclude all taxes.