According to UNHCR The Refugee Brief, the number of people who have fled Ukraine reached 2.5 million. At the same time, nearly 2 million escaped to other parts of Ukraine inside the country. It is the most significant refugees flow from WWII.
Poland, as a neighbor, has accepted the highest number of people who escaped the war. In addition, Poland demonstrates incredible involvement and participation in supporting Ukraine and refugees from Ukraine.
Thousands of Poles take part in the life of refugees by offering them transportation, a place to stay, food, etc.
One of them is Rafal, who lives 50 miles from the Ukrainian border, who set up a table next to the crossing and gave away toys to children coming across the border.
T|WO supports this activity. Members of the T|WO team sent money to help Rafal with these gestures of kindness.

I’m proud of the team.

An Ukrainian girl got a teddy bear
A Teddy bear for support
Ukrainian kids, escaped from war get
Minutes of relief

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