Load optimization cuts costs

Our AutoO2 load optimization software cuts transportation costs by maximum legal and damage-free loading every shipment and decreasing the number of trucks needed. While transportation is the most significant part of the total supply chain costs, the industry has several critical issues: a labor and equipment shortage and diesel costs, among others. The most significant part of [...]

More humping

While 2 unions are threatening a walkout this week, if there isn’t a stoppage, there will be more humping. Even if there is a stoppage, when they come back to work, there will be more humping. Before your mind goes in the wrong direction, humping is a way of sorting rail cars onto trains that […]

Freight rates on their way down?

The Cass freight index appears to show expenditures and Shipments tracking fairly closely. The same is not true for bulk ocean freight. The London-based Baltic Exchange index is a weighted average based on 11-20 international ship routes and three commodities – coal, iron ore, and grain that measures the spot market for ocean shipping. Capesize […]

Eliminating deployment volatility saves transportation costs

No one deliberately picks the wrong carrier for a shipment… often we are forced into it because the preferred carrier doesn’t have the available equipment to cover the spike in demand or there has been insufficient lead-time provided. The impact of this can be alarming: There is a solution: The Transportation Planning suite created by […]

Obvious yes— but it still hurts

This week diesel price, comparing last week´s and the last year´s

American Transportation Research reports trucking operating costs = $1.855 per mile, a 12.7% year-over-year increase only slightly offset by a 14.8% decrease in deadhead mileage   Trucking companies hired about 73,000 new workers in the 12 months ended in July. In a time of shortage, how did they do that? Econ 101 says — “simply […]