Wish Us Luck!

As you read this we are competing to win the CSCMP innovation award. Recall we are a finalist for the work to: We will be telling the judges that LevelLoad and AutoO2, combined with the great team from Kimberly-Clark, have generated significant savings by using the best carriers in the routing guide, leveling lane, and […]

Big breakthrough eliminates Spot

The volatility of deployment has caused a lot of heartaches: We are proud to say, we have identified a solution: LevelLoad combined with AutoO2. With Kimberly-Clark, we are finalists in a CSCMP innovation award. (See the attached press release).

Unintended consequences + Diesel $4.849

The unintended consequences of developing Electric Vehicles (EVs) are numerous. Sometimes collateral damage is self-inflicted. Here are examples. The push for Electric Vehicles and “clean” power has the unintended consequence of: