Two sessions at CSCMP are worth watching:

Session 1: Meshing Deployment Planning and Execution – Unilever’s Path to Contain Costs. Giovanni Dal Bon, Head of NA logistics for Unilever, will discuss the benefits of optimized load building. Unilever is one of our customers.

Session 2: Panel Discussion – Data Replicas, Digital Twins, and AI (oh my!): Creating a Prescriptive Warehouse. The panel will discuss the value of using data replicas for data query-ability and digital twins of the warehouse environment to identify constraints and bottlenecks. Steve Banker commented about this session – “Prescriptive Warehouse. Nice Phrase”. You will learn from Jake Barr, a retired P&G supply-chain leader, that AutoScheduler does prescribe what to do and when to do it to be efficient and get stuff out on time – far more than just a nice phrase!

In other news, higher supply-chain costs, rising theft, and other merchandise “shrink” accounted for half the decline in quarterly profit at supermarket chain Kroger.