Happy 2021!  2021 will be the year for us to capitalize on…

Happy 2021!  
2021 will be the year for us to capitalize on the public’s recognition of the importance of the supply chain.  When they ran out of toilet paper…they noticed – when vaccines needed to be shipped at ultra-low temperatures…they applauded.  Now we must leverage this recognition with things like:
  • A seat at the CEO’s table
  • New technology – not just warming up WMS technology from the 1970’s and  presenting it as “new” – but decision-capable, proactive IT – like www.AutoScheduler.Ai
  • Near-shoring 
But first we need to solve yet another problem – high container volumes are causing:
  • Congestion in ports in the US and China
  • 35 ships waiting to be unloaded in LA
  • Global rates per 40-foot container the week ending Dec. 31 – a 174% increase from a year ago
Increasing container utilization is part of the solution – see it here