A supply chain crisis? WSJ profile article: “Global Supply-Chain Problems Escalate, Threatening Economic Recovery.” 

To quote Winston Churchill: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

So what are you doing about it? Transportation costs have gone from an afterthought in many global supply chains to a significant source of financial pain. The WSJ reports that some executives expect the elevated rates hitting international and domestic transport services to stretch into 2023.

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Carries eliminated by load building optimization software AutoO2
Trucks eliminated by using AutoO2

Yes, it looks like we are seeing a supply chain crisis. But, if you need more data – here it is:  Transportation costs as a share of the U.S. economy reached 5.1% in 2020, the highest level recorded over the past decade in the annual CSCMP State of Logistics report and have been surging this year.

The Cass Freight Index for expenditures reached a record high in August and was up nearly 35% from August 2019.

BTW – Oil is now over $80/barrel – watch Diesel skyrocket in price!