Advanced Mathematical Optimization Software – the Heart of Our Operations

A study of 1 million heavily loaded trucks passing weigh–in-motion scales revealed that 92% were not even close to being full.

45% of trucks can carry an extra 6,000 lbs


Looking to Save?

We can help you save between 4-8%.

AutoO2 Maximizes Savings

  • Uses mathematical optimization
  • Builds largest possible load that is damage-free
  • Minimizes the use of expensive modes
  • Chooses the most economical array of trailers / containers
  • Matches loads to available trailers / containers
  • Fills up multi-stop loads
  • Allows smoothing of volume over the next days
Will AutoO2 Save Your Company Money?

Sample Company

Savings with AutoO2

Towel and Tissue (not palletized)


Canned Goods


Healthcare Products




General CPG


AutoO2 Facts

  • 88,000 fewer truckloads
  • Eliminated 570,000 tons of carbon
  • Cut transportation costs $160,000,000
  • Reduced 20,000 tons of landfill waste
  • Proven in 20 countries and 49 US states

AutoO2 is industrial strength – designed for high volume, continuous, trouble-free, hands-off operations.

How AutoO2 Works

AutoO2 takes requirements (for example what is shipping from a plant to a warehouse) and automatically turns this demand into efficient, low-cost truckloads that use almost every last pound or cube of capacity. Loads are legal, damage-free, and maxed out.

With AutoO2, You Reduce

  • Planning Time
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Damaged product heading for landfills

AutoO2 vs. Other Load Builders

diagram 1

A Case Study

Large CPG manufacturer that “cubes out” its shipments.

The manufacturer ships on slip-sheets or as bundles so there is the capability of creating loads that allow more floor positions to be occupied than if the load was palletized. So, for example, if there are a number of stacks with foot prints of 1.02 meter x1.2 meter, loaded with the wide dimension across the trailer, the load, in a 16-meter trailer would allow only 15 rows with 0.7 of a meter wasted at the back. If, however, the stacks were 1.0 x 1.2, the load would allow 16 rows and zero waste. Unfortunately, products come with varying sizes of footprint.

Before AutoO2

Planners used SAP TLB to create loads. After the loads were created, another tool tried to add more weight.

With AutoO2

AutoO2 automatically created the right combination of footprints to minimize the sum of total wasted space at the back of each trailer for all the trailers on the lane. While the results are a 0.9% reduction in total loads, this was a very meaningful result for the client.

AutoO2 in the Warehouse

AutoO2 Designs Bigger, Legal, and Damage-Free Loads using Advanced Mathematical Optimization
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