Solutions For Reducing Transportation Costs

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Reducing Transportation Costs

Reducing transportation costs is a challenge.
In addition to providing a high level of customer service, managers are under constant pressure to reduce costs and provide consumers with real value. But unfortunately, we all know that transportation costs are steadily growing, driven by increases in oil costs and a shortage of trucks and labor.

Reduce Transactions & Eliminate Some Costs

The cost of operating warehouses has come under pressure over the past years. Every transaction takes time and money, whether receiving a truck, putting a product away or picking it up for a store order. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to reduce the number of transactions and eliminate some costs, all while reducing the manual effort required in placing orders? AutoO2 does all of those.

Features of AutoO2:
  • Creates orders more effective at filling trucks
  • Results in fewer loads without impacting inventory
  • Reduce the number of trucks received/sent to the warehouse
  • Reducing the number of transactions
  • Supports hands-off product ordering
Results Where it Matters:
  • Reduce transportation costs by 4-8%
  • Increase case-pick and loader productivity by 15-20%
  • Reduce damage by 75%
How it works

We gather information about our customer supply chain and operations, analyze it, and develop an optimization and integration plan. At this point, we can show the economy and benefits (in costs and reducing carbon footprint) the customer obtains from integrating their systems with AutoO2.

For example, we provided more effective pallet and load building software to our customer and a solution allowing them to switch from using 100% refrigerated trailers to a mix of lower-cost dry trailers and reefer units.

Load building allows optimized ships

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