Our customers reduce supply chain costs by up to 8% of the total transportation costs by integrating our load planner AutoO₂ with their systems.

Load planning software
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Solutions for Reduce Supply Chain Costs

In collaboration with our customers, we decrease their supply chain costs. AutoO₂ enhances the systems and enriches customers´ investment in existing systems.

AutoO₂ has pre-built interfaces to major software brands, so integration is rapid and seamless.

Fewer trucks are needed to transport the same amount of items, so costs, pollution, and carbon footprint are decreased. Together we improve sustainability.

ROI of AutoO₂ load building optimization software is weeks.

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Load Planning Solutions

Load planning increases transportation efficiency at multiple levels:

  • Increasing case pick productivity.
  • Cutting the learning curve for new staff.
  • Cutting reloads by 85% affects savings in direct labor and much more by preventing disruptions.

Additionally, all trucks loaded according to the AutoO₂ 2-D and 3-D diagrams are thoroughly and safely loaded, which prevents fines, penalties, and consequences for overload vehicles and goods damage.

Hence, our customers get a competitive edge using AutoO₂ load planning.

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Case Study 

Food Manufacturer Saves $1.4 Million annually by optimizing pallet and load building despite having no IT support. 

Reduce supply chain costs by $300,000 monthly reported by a customer
The problem

Loads often fell more than 6% below truck capacity.

The solution

They needed new tools to maximize shipments, so Transportation| Warehouse Optimization analyzed the customer´s needs and suggested  the integration with AutoO₂. Integration and trainings took weeks, ROI for AutoO₂ also was weeks.

The result

Significant savings, concierge service, and support equal a pleased customer. Transportation | Warehouse Optimization helped save millions of dollars annually for one customer.


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