Our customers reduce supply chain costs by up to 8% of the total transportation costs by integrating our AUTOO2 with their systems.
We provide complete solutions for integration, support 24/7, and training to achieve the best results.

Solutions for Reduce Supply Chain Costs

In collaboration with our customers, we decrease their supply chain costs. We create the best load planning solutions, integrate them with the customer’s systems, and provide training and support 24/7. One of our customers reported that one warehouse’s monthly economy using AutoO2 was $300,000. Fewer trucks are needed to transport the same amount of items, so costs and pollution, and carbon footprint are decreased. Together we improve sustainability.

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Case Study

Food Manufacturer Saves $1.4 Million Annually Despite Having No IT Support

Load building software AutoO2 monthly brings a client $300,000 economy on transportation costs

Load Planning Solutions

For Manufacturers and Retailers

Load planning increases transportation efficiency. For example, all trucks loaded according to the AutoO2 recommendations are thoroughly and safely loaded, preventing fines, penalties, and consequences for overload vehicles and goods damage. Fewer trucks are needed to transport the same amount of items, so costs and pollution are decreased.
Hence, our customers get a competitive edge using AutoO2 load planning.

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The problem

Loads often fell more than 6% below truck capacity.

The solution

They needed new tools to maximize shipments.

The result

Big savings, concierge service, and support equal a very happy customer. Transportation | Warehouse Optimization helped save millions of dollars annually for one customer.

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