Last week, Mike Green and I witnessed a brilliant conference. Congratulations to the TPA (Trading Partner Alliance) for:

  • Excellent case studies with practical, scalable results. Example: dock scheduling issues at the manufacturer cause 14% of shipments to miss their appointment time/date at the grocer
  • Good team cooperation between manufacturers and grocers. Example: leveraging grocer fleets for backhauls 
  • An actual learning experience! For example, freight wages can predict spot rates based on carrier rejection rates – and predict where there will be a shortage of vehicles. 

There are numerous things that I need to share over the following weeks – but first, a clarification/correction. 

I said Convoy, the digital freight broker, provides trailers to speed freight movement. True BUT:

  • Only on a shipper-by-shipper basis
  • Only dry – refrigerated vans will be available soon
  • The reply to “how many trailers” was basically “enough to meet shipper needs.”