ProvisionAI and Kimberly-Clark Project EARL recognized as CSCMP
Innovation award finalist for solving costly transportation volatility

Franklin, TN – (July 15, 2022) Kimberly-Clarks Project “EARL” (Early Tendering and Leveling) is a collaboration with Transportation | Warehouse Optimization (T|WO) and ProvisionAI. EARL has successfully solved a major and costly problem that many consumer-goods companies face: deployment volatility. “EARL” has cut the need for spot transportation buys, increased load fill, and reduced volume spikes at the shipping dock, all while maintaining or improving customer fill rates. By smoothing out network flow, EARL has saved millions of dollars.
“We’re excited to see our innovative technologies highlighted by a prestigious organization like CSCMP,” says ProvisionAI cofounder Dr. Jeff Schutt. “We firmly believe that this effort will foundationally change how organizations think about supply planning and execution and are thankful to have a great partner like Kimberly-Clark.”
Project Earl uses ProvisionAI’s LevelLoad transportation planning system to constrain deployment plans that are created by a leading supply-planning system. Over a 30-day period, LevelLoad pulls high-priority requirements early and pushes lower priority SKU’s later, to level transportation requirements and ensure that both shipping and receiving capabilities are respected network-wide. LevelLoad triggers early tendering of shipments – before the actual content of the loads is defined.
AutoO2, the load builder from T|WO, takes the tenders that LevelLoad initiated multiple days earlier and defines what product is to ship on each using the current planning system requirements and their priority. This postponement strategy ensures the right mix of high-priority products is shipped.
The innovation winner will be announced at the CSCMP Edge Conference in Nashville on September 18-21, 2022. The EARL team will present the process – innovative technology that includes Operations Research and AI techniques, as well as significant savings.
About the Innovation Award:
The CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professional) Supply Chain Innovation Award recognizes the top innovative teams who can communicate their significant and proven achievements that not only “positively affect the return on investment and performance at their own companies, but who can also give back to the industry and to their peers by sharing their stories.”
About T|WO
Since 1992, Transportation | Warehouse Optimization (T|WO) has been providing AutoO2 (Automatic Order Optimization) software to minimize supply chain transportation costs. AutoOuses advanced mathematics to get the most product on trucks in a way that cannot be achieved manually. To learn more, visit and find T|WO on social media: FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.
About ProvisionAI
ProvisionAI is a team of mathematical and operational experts who developed LevelLoad. LevelLoad uses a combination of advanced optimization techniques & reinforcement learning to create a long-horizon solution for the transportation of products to customer-facing distribution centers. Learn more at or email
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