Optimization of warehouses is years, if not decades, behind manufacturing which Gartner points out.

In many consumer product warehouses, getting volume to flow is punctuated by delays and piles of inventory. Receiving wants to get the trucks unloaded – and they do it in order of receipt. Picking wants to get ahead – who knows what volume spikes lie ahead? Shipping wants everything staged, including dropped trailers as far as the eye can see, so they can turn trucks quickly and fill in unproductive time. What is needed is a unifying schedule that:

  • Drives receiving to unload “first needed” items first
  • Allows picking to see capacity needs – potentially further into the future than the WMS can see
  • Puts trailers into the dock at times when the inventory is both available and picked

So, the optimization of warehouses is an overdue and relevant task

What can a company do to smooth deployment volatility and legally and safely load the maximum possible freight? How to improve productivity and efficiency, decrease costs and waste, and obtain a competitive edge?
The company might integrate a deployment transportation scheduler and load building optimization software into their systems.
If LevelLoad chose, integration is quicker because LevelLoad has already linked with AutoO₂ (case picking, pallet building, and load building optimization), increasing efficiency and ROI quickly.

Where to begin optimization of warehouse

You contact us, and we gather your data, analyze them and suggest a holistic solution to optimize and improve efficiency.

Additional bonus from AutoO₂

Hiring new order selectors is a fact of life when you have turnover – and what warehouse doesn’t have turnover? So how do you make them productive? P&G talked about getting order selectors up-to-standard quickly in a talk to ASCM/APICs – using our AutoO₂ load building software their new hires were as effective as experienced pickers. The savings range from damage reduction (50%) to increased productivity (15 -20%).

Pallet built by AutoO2  3D pallet building diagram