Load planning is valuable for increasing transportation efficiency while decreasing costs, carbon footprint, pollution, air carriage, and waste.

Maximize Shipments

Load planning AutoO2 can maximize shipments for your end-to-end supply chain in a way that cannot be achieved manually or with non-optimizing systems.

Features of AutoO2
  • Links the planning and execution of orders
  • Utilizes 98% of the truck’s actual capacity
  • Guides pickers and loaders to ensure all products get on the truck
  • Ensures trucks are axle-legal and damage-free
How does the load planning AutoO2 save on shipments if we can’t change the orders?

Your customer usually has several buyers ordering the same products for different aisles or gondolas in a store.
While doing so, we factor in the following:

  • product stackability
  • getting the axle’s legal trailer dimensions and damage mitigation
  • order consolidation puts the right combination together.
AutoO2 takes large orders and breaks them into a minimum number of trucks.
For Manufacturers & Retailers

Load planning AutoO2 is a solution that reduces transportation costs from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

Results Where it Matters
  • Reduces transportation costs by 4-8%
  • Increases case-pick and loader productivity by 15-20%
  • Reduces damage by 75%
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Solution for manufacturers

Case Study

A large food manufacturer that makes products that “weigh-out” trailers long before they are dimensionally full uses load building optimization AutoO2 to reduce the number of loads shipped annually from their plants and depots to customer-facing distribution centers.

Before AutoO2

Planners used an offline tool to construct loads. Unfortunately, this tool, while considered to be an optimizer, only filled some loads and didn’t tell the person loading the truck how to configure the load to make it axle legal.

Load Planning AutoO2‘s cutting-edge technology:
  • Takes axle and states laws into consideration to create legal loads
  • Builds pallets that will fit into a truck
  • Considers Over 400+ rules and parameters to sequence the picking and loading of shipments
  • Optimizes palletized, floor-loaded, and multi-stop shipments
  • Provides instructions to users via paper, voice, RF, and 3D diagrams
AutoO2‘s significant savings:
Execution – picking and loading
  • Cut product damage 50-75%
  • Reduce learning curve for new and seasonal employees by 80%
  • Increase case-picking and truck loading productivity by 15-20%
  • Increase shipment size by 4-8%

With AutoO2

Loads are built, on average, more than 6% heavier. Load planning AutoO2 builds the exact number of loads, at the correct weight, to match the available vehicles on each lane. Loading diagrams are then sent to the loader.