Results from JB Hunt are no surprise

Results from JB Hunt are no surprise:  
  • Carriers improve their bottom lines
  • Brokerage is growing in profitability and employing more carriers
  • Intermodal volume is flat with more volume moving truckload 
  • More companies reaching for dedicated (Desperation?) 

Highlights from yesterday’s JB Hunt’s financials:
  • Operating revenue excluding fuel up 22% over Q4 2020
  • Intermodal (JBI) revenue grew 26%, driven by a 30% increase in revenue per load, partially offset by a 3% decline in volume
  • Truckload  revenue up 85% with a whopping 55% more revenue per load without fuel  and 19% increase in miles/load.  And its not just spot volume: contract rates were up  27% compared to the same period 2020 
  • Dedicated revenue grew 25% as a result of a 16% increase in average revenue producing trucks and a 7% increase in fleet productivity
  • Brokerage: Q4 revenue up 26% with gross profit margins increased to 12.2% versus10.8% in the prior period and the carrier base is up 36% year over year

Big Jump in fuel prices last week: