UPS is rolling out Virtual Reality (VR) driver training…

UPS is rolling out Virtual Reality (VR) driver training.  While others have tried VR in the warehouse but backed off to Augmented Reality – showing data in a Google Glass type set up – driver training makes sense because it is not a long-term exposure to the virtual (unreal) world with a hot and sometimes heavy face mask.  From the Wall Street Journal:  “In virtual reality, the student drivers would speak the words “left hazard,” to signify a potential hazard they see when they turn their heads to the left, and voice-recognition software embedded into the headset will identify whether it’s the correct answer.  When a stop light shifts from red to green in the virtual world, students are required to look both ways to make sure there are no hazards, then call out commands such as “right clear, left clear” before they proceed making a turn. Students can also grip a physical mockup of a steering wheel during the training.”

Gartner tells us: 

  1. Buyers think vendors exaggerate (imagine that)
  2. Buyers want to be educated
  3. Buyers want to be shown, not told
Armed with this information, we decided to create a couple short videos (both under 3min) showing how AutoO2‘s load planning works in pilot mode, and when fully integrated.  Here is the link: