The second Staten Island Amazon distribution center rejected the union by a factor of 68% to 32% — wait, there is more. Amazon is challenging the other election where the union won by, amongst other things, attacking the NLRB (National Labor Relation Board). Their 25 objections include

  • NLRB, which is supposed to be independent, instead has favored the union.
  • NLRB deliberately timed an order that the company reinstates a fired worker to come out close to the vote to create the impression of retaliation against the union. 

The author of the act certainly never intended the NLRB to favor unions — “The malicious falsehood has been widely circulated that the measure was designed to force men into unions, although the text provides in simple English prose that workers shall be absolutely free to belong or to refrain from belonging to any organization,” Wagner said in 1935.

Diesel at $5.509 up ~ 35 cents in one week.  

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Future delivery prices are an indication of the direction the market may go. They specifically exclude all taxes.