CSX may surrender quickly, dock scheduling and more 

Some CSX directors met with Hunter Harrison over the weekend to discuss him ascending to CEO.  Recall Hunter has made 3 railroads (ICG, CP, and CN) more efficient over his career.  CSX would make it 4.  This could be good news for both shippers and CSX shareholders.  
We have seen a lot of inquiries about dock scheduling lately‚Ķ. so we made a movie about it.  Check it out:  http://www.warehouseoptimization.com/basic-page/challenges-dock-scheduler-faces-and-how-autoscheduler-can-help-new.html
A survey of 15 investment banks predicts that Brent crude, the international oil-price benchmark, will average at $56 a barrel this year, writes Georgi Kantchev for the Wall Street Journal.