American Transportation Research reports trucking operating costs = $1.855 per mile, a 12.7% year-over-year increase only slightly offset by a
The volatility of deployment has caused a lot of heartaches: What couldn’t be covered by contracted carriers switched to high-cost
    ProvisionAI and Kimberly-Clark Project EARL recognized as CSCMPInnovation award finalist for solving costly transportation volatility challenges   Franklin,
Many major shippers suffer high-cost, spot freight   Congratulations Kimberly-Clark for being a finalist for the CSCMP Innovation Award! Many
  Many smaller suppliers agreed to have Walmart handle their freight (to Walmart DCs and stores, of course). What I
The EIA (Energy Information Administration), which is responsible for publishing the weekly diesel fuel costs, has failed in this simple duty
The contradiction is: Maersk's CEO sees inflation pushing container rates up faster than 25% to 30%. This is aided by
Diesel prices are holding their own— despite refineries coming on line. What gives?   While fuel exports haven’t hit records, they
January 2020: All leasing of Federal land for oil and gas exploration was stoppedJune 2021: the courts intervened saying the
The “new order" in energy: US, Japan, and Europe who say no to Russian oilChina, India, Turkey, Vietnam, and third
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