American Transportation Research reports trucking operating costs = $1.855 per mile, a 12.7% year-over-year increase only slightly offset by a
Truck rates are down, ocean carriers are charging less (See graph) and package volume is down. Does this mean we
As you read this we are competing to win the CSCMP innovation award. Recall we are a finalist for the
While 2 unions are threatening a walkout this week, if there isn’t a stoppage, there will be more humping. Even
Railroads are limiting container loads into locations like Chicago. Here is why: Inland container yards are fullWarehouses are full. Prologis
LevelLoad and AutoO2 eliminate deployment (e.g. from plant to customer-facing distribution centers) volatility using a combination of:  Tendering early smooth freight volumes
I advocate weighing the trucks to see where payload targets should be set.  Here is a sample of refrigerated trucks
Good News (Price will go down):  Today: Crude oil prices are way down + refiners' margins are down by ~50%
The Cass freight index appears to show expenditures and Shipments tracking fairly closely. The same is not true for bulk
No one deliberately picks the wrong carrier for a shipment… often we are forced into it because the preferred carrier
To quote a VP at a Fortune 50 consumer goods manufacturer:  "We deploy, at premium cost, product that may not be
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