UK mail points the way

The chairman of the U.K.’s Royal Mail says the existing universal mandate for letter delivery is “not economic”.  They should know – they have been around since 1516 but they are now a for-profit company.  With a much larger geography and allocating a lot of costs to first-class mail,  where volume is dropping like a stone, the US Postal Service has a much bigger hill to climb.  Time for postal reform!
Container freight is up – and ocean carriers are seeing higher rates and profits…but still Maersk is cutting 2500 jobs in areas such as its freight forwarding operations, service to Africa, and in its recent acquisition of Hamburg Sud.
E2Open is going public through a “blank check company”.  Valuations of supply chain software companies are at an all-time high….so cashing out now is a good time.  I get 2-4 VC’s per week asking if I want to sell.