Two more driver shortage issues

Money can’t buy you love:  While more money will attract some drivers, Germany has taught us that high wages hasn’t attracted more drivers.  Fewer people are leaving Eastern Europe to work in Germany – despite substantial wage differentials.  Economic theory that suggests that "more money will generate more drivers” is colliding with personal motivations that keep drivers’ home. 
Better drug tests = 300K fewer drivers:  New drug-test regulations may eliminate ~10% of drivers (over 300,000).  The regulations requiring hair follicle testing are being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget and should be published soon.  Key facts about hair follicle testing:
  • Used by a few large carriers that say using urinalysis alone missed nine out of 10 illegal drug users
  • Is virtually impossible to fake
  • Detects fast metabolizing drugs like cocaine
  • Results will be kept in USDOT drug clearinghouse so other trucking companies can see a driver has failed