Truck Capacity = Issue

The Journal of Commerce Truckload Capacity Index shows large truckload carriers made their deepest capacity cuts in a decade in the second quarter.  No wonder large shippers are complaining about a shortage of trucks…spending high premiums on the spot market.  At the same time:
  • The surge in imports has caused great stress on the Southern California ports and supporting intermodal and truck infrastructure.  Over 4000 intermodal rail cars were pulled out of storage in July alone
  • Shippers are complaining that Walmart is delaying unloading trailers.  Recall Walmart tightened IFOT requirements….but they seem to be the cause of delays
  • The only bright spot is orders for new trucks rebounded this month 
September is a deadly month…based on miles driven, more traffic deaths occur in September than any other month.  (Over 12 deaths per billion miles.)  The following Graph appeared in the Wall Street Journal: