Sexy - it ain't!

Amazon is proposing fining companies that don’t streamline packaging to eliminate costs or make the product consumer friendly.  But everybody should be looking at things like wasted space in cartons and pallet fit.  Pallet fit is a real concern.  Too much under-hang and there is:

  • Lost trailer and storage cube
  • Potential shifting and damage
  • Sometimes a need for dunnage

Too much overhang generates:

  • Damage
  • Problems with loading 

There are consultants out there that specialize in package designs.  Some will do package redesign on a contingent basis.  I don't recommend contingencies because:

  • Some of the savings I have seen have been inflated wildly
  • While most people say that contingency is a “win-win”, it really is "win-lose” – the relationships don’t last as each check sent to the consultant widens the gap between the parties