Sex sells but Wal-Mart blames vendors - not store operations

Mentioning that the sex lives of truck drivers could impact Wal-Mart suppliers hitting Wal-Mart’s on-time dictate generated an incredible 20 fold increase in blog traffic. Someone who really understands the situation – and who wants to remain anonymous – made good observations:  
  • This "on-time in full” idea push makes very little sense and will not deliver the billion $ target they have in mind
  • All but the most extreme shorts / lates typically do not result in store problems and the biggest supply chain failure still happens in store
  • Wal-Mart doesn't want to hear this right now
The surface Transportation Board called on CSX Corp. to address “serious issues” causing delays, congestion, and other problems.  This slap comes on top of news reports that rival Norfolk Southern is gaining business at CSX’s expense.