Sanity in Hours of Service

Revised hours of service rules were released on Wednesday.  The new rules, when implemented, provide flexibility for drivers to determine when to take breaks and when they can be off the clock.  These rules should cut carrier costs without jeopardizing safety.  Next step…the public has 45 days to comment – that is your job…otherwise the teamsters will kill this initiative.
Here is a description from the Wall St. Journal:
Under a plan the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released Wednesday, commercial truck drivers could split their required 10-hour rest period into two separate breaks instead of having to take it all at once. Neither break would count against their 14-hour on-duty window.

Drivers would be able to stop the clock for another off-duty break of between 30 minutes and three hours, time they could use to nap or wait out rush-hour traffic instead of staying on the road. The proposed changes also include extending drivers’ maximum on-duty period by two hours in the event of adverse conditions such as severe weather.
One of my friends in the Northeast is looking for a senior transportation person to remake their $300+ million spend.  Know anybody?  Send me a note.