Rail - New (higher) Rates + Union Bailout

No rail interlining from  Mexico to Canada!  That is the promise of Canadian Pacific Railway agreeing to acquire Kansas City Southern – BUT, will the Fed’s agree?  Last time CP tried to buy Norfolk Southern, they (the Feds) intervened.  This time may be different as the route overlap is minimal.  Comment:  to enhance rail competition, reciprocal switching should be mandated.   
Spot rate costs are up!  $2.40 is the average rate for truckload dry-van transport on the U.S. sector’s spot market, excluding fuel, the week ending March 14.  This is the highest weekly average rate on record, according to DAT Solutions.
Bailout!  In the $1.9 Trillion ($1,900,000,000,000.00) “COVID” package, there was money to bail out the Teamster Central States Pension fund.  This notorious fund will run out of money soon having been depleted by:
  • Theft
  • Fewer union carriers/union jobs
  • Demographics
Yellow Freight and other union carriers thank you taxpayers for helping them be competitive with non-union carriers.