A Pox on the New York Times

To Benjamin Norman and David Segal:  you are wrong about the US Logistics system – just give it a little time.  "Nobody could make supply chains sing like the United States. And now maybe nobody can, period.  Credit...Benjamin Norman for The New York Times"
Lessons from history show that it is tough to retool a country in an emergency.  In World War II, the great might of US manufacturing took time to come on line.  The Willow Run factory ultimately made a B24 bomber every 63 minutes…but it took time to ramp up.  Critics, probably from the NY Times, pointed out that the first production was behind.  So while David Segal, the reporter for the offending article said:  "It (COVID-19) is beating us at the logistics game and won’t wait for us to get our mojo back.”  The retooling of the US supply chain is just getting started.