Paying over-the-road drivers by the hour

With modern tracking technology, paying over-the-road drivers by the hour concept, which a few years ago would've been totally counter-productive, seems to have significant merit.  John Haggerty tells us that Burris Logistics converted some operations to hourly pay with more to follow – and while there were implementation challenges, the overall program has been positive.
Raymond Martinez, administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, spoke at the TPA conference.  Two quotes:
  1. “inside the beltway things move in geologic time”
  2. “there will be no waivers for AOBRD’s being replaced”  
AOBRD (Automated On Board Recording Device) must be replaced by ELD (Electronic Logging Device) by 16 December this year.  An ELD collects more data – and is less “editable” – for example a driver can’t assign driving time to somebody else.  Summary:   ELD’s make it harder to cheat the system and cost money to implement…another hit to truck availability.