The package revolution

As we celebrate one revolution on July 4, there are other sea changes happening:   
  • Amazon is offering to finance individuals to compete with existing package delivery businesses
  • While Amazon is setting up owner operators, the teamsters and UPS have tentatively agreed to a new five-year contract to raise wages for existing workers by about .80¢/hour for each of the next 5 years.  The agreement also creates a new class of lower-paid ($20.50/hour to start – going to $30 max) drivers to handle weekend deliveries.  Currently, drivers make double time on Sundays
  • UPS is investing heavily to automate its sorting facilities.  FedEx is way ahead of them – and this was reflected in their great earnings last quarter
  • Trump wants to privatize parts of the post office.  Several countries have done this already – and it seems like a great idea
Have a happy and safe 4th everybody!