New pipeline adds to rail and ocean tanker woes...Bulk transportation rates will go down

Energy Transfer Partners started moving oil through the much disputed, but now completed, Dakota Access Pipeline.  Capable of moving 450,000 barrels a day, it will reduce reliance on rail.  It will also further pressure tanker fleets.  Less than a third of all oil is transported by ocean tanker.  All the oil from the Mideast comes on tankers BUT that quantity is declining – in April down 11%.  Combine this with an estimated 45 very large crude carriers and 61Suez Max carriers being delivered from the shipyards and you can see depressed prices.  When I was researching this, I looked up “VLCC" – very large crude carriers aka supertankers. Wikipedia tells us that they carry 2 million barrels of oil and often cannot enter port fully loaded.  These ships can take on their cargo at off-shore platforms.  On the other end of the journey, they often pump their cargo off to smaller tankers at designated lightering point’s off-coast.