Need to do better than just putting lipstick on a pig

How many shippers are still not treating carriers well?  I think we are finding out that shippers’ who force long waits on their carriers, or have big spikes in demand are learning that trucks are harder and more expensive to get. There are stories of spot market pricing being double contract rates and Canadian shippers paying round-trip miles.  And it is expected to get worse as volume picks up in April.  This is good news for us as AutoO2 (Automatic Order Optimization) drives increased load factor necessitating fewer trucks (one company is seeing 10% improvement). 
At the same time that Union Pacific complains that  false alarms from Positive Train Control  (PTC) slows operations by 5% and keeps trains in the terminal longer by12%, according to opinion, PTC would have stopped the fatal Amtrak collision on CSX track in South Carolina.  (The Amtrak train was manually routed onto a siding into a parked CSX train).