The Nation At Risk

You have probably heard that a 3PL that distributes a large share of frozen food lost all its systems in a cyber-attack.  I don’t want to focus on the poor company – they have suffered enough. Instead, look at the down-stream impacts:  while many companies in the cold chain were impacted and I suspect some goods didn’t make it to the freezer case in your local supermarket.  Now, multiply that cyber-attack many times and what do you see…..a nationwide food emergency?  While we often think about unfriendly nations attacking our infrastructure (power grid, etc.) the reality is the food supply is more vulnerable and impactful.  IMHO, this is a role for government – and every bit as important as a missile defense. 
More than 50 bulk ships remain stranded off the coast of China with Australian coal cargoes. Australia is paying the price for pushing back on China.