Labor adds to woes + Why is Oil price zooming towards $100?

Previous entries have outlined California’s stance on independent contractors: "someone cannot be considered a contractor if they are in the same line of business as the employer.  As a result, a plumber doing work for a retail store can be considered a contractor, while a truck driver working for a trucking company cannot be.” (Source M H & L).  If the current administration gets its way, the National Labor Relations Board will make this rule standard in the whole country.  Why: If you are not a contractor, you are an employee.  Employees can be unionized.  There is jeopardy here for companies that hire 3PL's too: 3PL’s employees etc. will be “co-employed”. 

The other big Woe: Oil price is $91/barrel.

When supply < demand, prices rise… in theory, adding to drilling for more supply.  The US peaked at having 1500 drilling rigs running in 2014.   Currently there are ~500. Why?  


  • The best sites for oil drilling are taken.  The US produces small amounts of oil from lots of wells.  Contrast our 500 rigs with Saudi Arabia having an average 38 rigs drilling at any time.
  • There are general concerns about “anti-oil” sentiment in Washington.
  • Many “frackers” feel there is only 5-10 more years of drilling left.