It isn't racy but it is good practice

How much time and effort is wasted in picking and loading because nobody takes the time to get the item master accurate?  Here are examples:
  • A supplier complains because their customers keep ordering 15 cases – when a layer is 14.  Turns out the customer thought they were ordering in layers – but they had been given the wrong number of cases per layer
  • Loaders take slip sheeted product from the warehouse, where they are stored on their wide dimension, and spins half of them 90 degrees because the item master doesn’t accurately define which stacks exceed 48 inches. Most of the pinwheeling is unnecessary
  • Because weight data is wrong, axle-weight calculations of our AutoO2 software are inaccurate meaning unnecessary reworking of loads
It may not be sexy, but an accurate item master is a great step towards an efficient operation.  Maybe things would improve if the additional cost could be charged back to the data governance organization.