Helping cut the driver shortage

Last year at CSCMP, Unilever spoke of freeing truck drivers (and trucks) by increasing load size — they use our AutoO2 tool to do that. But here is another way that helps solve 2 problems:

  • The driver shortage 
  • High rate of recidivism among convicts 

Tennessee Senate Bill 2399 enables qualifying (i.e. not every) incarcerated individuals (aka convicts) who will return to society to receive a CDL prior to or after their release. Senator Paul Bailey, who owns a trucking company, pushed the legislation saying “At my trucking company we have hired formerly incarcerated individuals, and they are some of our best drivers” 



  • Trucking executives expect rate increases of 5.8% in the next 6 months. This is at least better than the previous survey that suggests 6%
  • Supermarket chain Lidl bought one midsize container ship and chartered three smaller vessels from German owners for its nascent Tailwind Shipping Lines operation. (TradeWinds)


week 16 prices table

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