Happy Thanksgiving and a retraction....plus a little fun

Here is what I said last month…."The flow of containers from Asia is likely to get more expensive.”   Now comes evidence of a potential countervailing force…lots of Mega-container ships coming on line soon.  COSCO, the fourth largest shipping company,  is adding 17 ships next year with MSC and CMA CGM  (second and third biggest operators respectively) starting to get deliveries of these giant container carriers in 2019.   In total, there are 60 mega ships on order to be delivered by 2020.
Dan Gilmore writes:  “Chargebacks relative to pallet quality were also reported as on the rise…better quality pallets to avoid related chargebacks.”  Clearly the value of guiding picking using our AutoO2 software has real value.  For a bit of fun this week, watch this video:  How Bob saved his warehouse http://www.warehouseoptimization.com/fun-video-showing-how-autoo2-works-and-how-it-saved-bobs-business