Government Infamy

On a day when we remember Pearl Harbor as a “day of infamy,” here are 2 examples of things that Federal and State Governments are doing that should become infamous:
  • In the "we love unions" department, the dubious requirement for Amazon to re-vote in the union election in Bessemer, Alabama.  Dubious because the union lost by over a 2 : 1 margin (71% pro union to 21%).  What was the grounds of a do over?  Amazon had asked that the US Postal Service put a mailbox outside the entrance off to the side to encourage voting.  USPS did not put an insignia on the mailbox
  • In the LA-Ports-backlog-optics department, California magnanimously allowed shippers to load to 88,000 lbs.  But California also requires tri-axle trailers when the gross weight exceeds 80,000.  This is a no-win for shippers as there are very few of these trailers