Gartner agrees

When discussing generating transportation savings in the current environment, Gartner analyst Farrah Salim agreed with what we have been saying:  “All trucks and containers [should] hold as much capacity as possible.  If it’s not possible to achieve a full load, consider collaborative distribution.”  She also recommended matching inbound and outbound movements.  But doing these things is not that easy…as commonly used tools don’t support:
  • Load optimization – that is why we built AutoO2 to maximize payload
  • Coordinating inbound and outbound loads – most systems don’t understand the need to sequence operations so unloads happen before the empty trailer is needed.  We have a tool for that too… AutoScheduler
  • Determining who pays what amount of the transportation costs when collaborating on distribution.  This one is tricky – some 3PL’s take this as a major margin contributor.  Shippers need a calculation based on the binding constraint (cube, weight or pallets) which can change from load to load.  Guess what, we can help there too!