Endemic COVID 19 will force changes on the Supply Chain

What if the COVID 19 pandemic turns into being endemic COVID 19?  With variants emerging and vaccines one step or more steps behind, this is starting to sound like a more potent version of the flu – something to be grappled with for a long time – just like the flu.  What can this do to the supply chain and how do you prepare?  Some things others are trying:
  • Stockpile essential supplies:  German carmakers are considering building up semiconductor stockpiles to combat the crippling chip shortages that brought assembly lines to a standstill
  • Move production/distribution closer to the consumer:  Local DC’s for e-commerce and near-shoring
  • Start up your own trucking business:  Amazon is training drivers and plans its own
  • Set up a cadence of operations – NOT the Herky Jerky approach to such things as deployment where on any day a factory sends 2 loads to a customer facing DC – and the next day they send 24 (BTW – that is real data):  The concept of LevelLoading is catching on – https://provisionai.com 
Oil is up 30% since November and will most likely go higher as fracking and pipelines are in the cross-hairs of the new government. (Good luck in California and the North East)