Dynamic order management

Consumer-product companies have traditionally performed network planning every year or so.  But their monolithic order systems are seldom tuned to allow such things across the network as daily:
  • Work-load balancing
  • Space management
  • Least cost sourcing.  As an example, a customer located between 2 DC’s (“A” & “B”) might order the preponderance of product that is made close to DC “A” – but be shipped from DC “B”. Our analysis shows this to cost 2-4% of supply chain costs
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In the news:
  • Britain’s exit from the EC is causing its own problems:

    • IKEA apologized to British customers after stock shortages due to congestion at U.K. ports
    • Exporters worry that customs infrastructure is untested and will fail Jan 1 when it appears to be needed in a “hard exit"
  • Why is oil at $47/barrel?  Oil tanker off Saudi Arabia suffered an explosion early Monday after being hit by an “external source”