Dust up on the rails

Moving from Intermodal back to truck is normally driven by service needs.  A recent discussion with a transportation manager for a $1 billion company said he was moving to truck for cost reasons.  Is anybody else experiencing this?
BNSF Railway and JB Hunt have had a series of arbitrations – dating back to 2004. Now Hunt is saying that earnings could take an $18 million hit for Q3 while BNSF says it is owed more than $100 million.  The bigger issue is will Hunt get intermodal capacity from BNSF?
Freight rates from Asia to the US West Coast are up 79% from January to October, according to the Shanghai Shipping Exchange.  But rates from Asia to Europe, the biggest trade route in terms of capacity and volumes, are flat at around $888 per box, well below the break-even level of roughly $1,400.
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