Controversy in warehousing + Fewer refineries = higher diesel.

Expect controversy and some great tips from veterans Jeff Potts and yours truly.

15-minute webinar on June 9th. 1 PM CST 



Diesel prices are up because: 

  • Demand up (not including China restarting) 
  • Stocks down
  • Refinery utilization down
  • Number of operating refineries is down

    • With $1 billion in hurricane damage, Phillips 66’s shut its Alliance refinery in Louisiana, 
    • Consultant projection: by the end of 2023, as much as an additional 1.7 million barrels of U.S. refining capacity is expected to close
    • Some refineries are converting to biofuels e.g. Phillips 66 in Rodeo CA (San Francisco)
  • Refiners’ margins are way up

Refineries closing despite being so profitable:
  • Huge investments
  • War of fossil fuels 
Future delivery prices are an indication of the direction the market may go. They specifically exclude all taxes.