Competition for labor: You vs. the U.S.

Amazon hiring at $17/hr will surely drive-up costs for others…the question is will they get the 75,000 employees they seek given the current unemployment payments that, on average, when you consider that they are tax free represent $21.80/hr.  (And you have expenses like commuting and you actually have to work).  “Over the years, the refrain of businesses complaining about how hard it is to find workers has become a bit like the boy who cried wolf.  But now the wolf actually may have arrived. He is asking for a fatter paycheck.” – Wall Street Journal

11.8% = Increase in available loads on the U.S. trucking spot market the week ending May 7 (Source: market index)
11.1% = Decline in truck availability.  Send a note to Mike Green if you want a proven solution to shipping fewer trucks!