"Capacity and Rates are Killing Us!"

While the Midwest-based shipper quoted in the title uses refrigerated trucks, the sentiments are nearly ubiquitous.  Spot rates are way up – 24% by one account.  Add to this – oil over $61/barrel, insurance prices rising, and labor costs rising while availability is falling.  With the economy picking up more speed, and the new e-log mandates, there may be little relief short of a downturn.  One way shippers can combat increasing rates and capacity challenges is to better fill trucks.  While some continue to believe they always cube and/or weigh out their trucks, others realize there's room for improvement.  To see how several companies in the "CPG Top 25" are tackling this hurdle, click on the link to watch a short video:  http://www.warehouseoptimization.com/basic-page/increasing-shipment-weights-reduce-costs-and-not-increase-inventory.html