Brakes on US oil production means higher prices

Oil producers are finding that their strategy to supercharge oil and gas production by drilling thousands of new wells close together is turning out to be a bust.  What’s more, it is hurting the performance of older existing wells, forcing the industry to rethink its future.  Upshot – oil production from such sites as the Permian Basin won’t rise as quickly as expected. 
Meanwhile, OPEC is showing a great deal of discipline keeping volume down with Saudi Arabia taking the lead. 
So – expect a general firming of diesel prices.
China imported about 40% of America’s recyclables, and an even greater proportion from other countries, to feed its insatiable need for raw materials. Now it has cut off its purchases. Enter ingenuity:  a new railroad tie made of glass fibers and recycled plastic that is claimed to last 6x longer than wood.