Big brother is watching

In exchange for better insurance rates, trucking companies are adding cameras to truck cabs.
Insurance rates for commercial vehicles are on the rise.  Estes says they are up 20% in 2 years.  Driven by “nuclear judgments” – penalties that sometimes run to hundreds of millions of dollars – insurance companies are seeing payouts exceeding income.  To paraphrase Mr. Micawber in the book David Copperfield:  “Premium income $1, expenditure $1.10, result misery.”  That misery gets passed to you, the shipper.   Cameras, the “big-brother” intrusion, record a few seconds before and after when triggered by “G” forces.  This enables a carrier to show what really happened as well as counsel drivers.  
Check out this fraud:  The driver claims he was rear ended, when, in fact, he swerved in front of the truck.  (Just watch the first minute of this video)