Avoiding Chicago and oil up

Canadian National Railway (CN) and Norfolk Southern (NS) strike joint-service deal to avoid Chicago’s congestion.  They will do their train interchanges in Elkhart IN – instead of Chicago and route trains around the old EJ & E track that is now owned by the CN. The belief is that this move will cut 1-2 days off transit times.  
Brent crude held steady above $60 a barrel Monday morning, after breaching the milestone in a record trading session Friday.  At the same time, US crude is hovering around $54….quite a jump from 2 months ago!
Retailers and wholesalers are finding new ways to reduce inbound transportation costs.  Click the link to see a 2 min video on how purchase order optimization works.  http://www.warehouseoptimization.com/reducing-transportation-costs-inbound-purchase-orders