Transportation Planning provides an incredible competitive edge. To quote a VP at a Fortune 50 consumer goods manufacturer:  “We deploy, at premium cost, product that may not be needed, from sites that may struggle to ship it, to sites that may not be able to receive it.”

It’s well known that deployment volumes (from Plants to DCs) can vary greatly from day to day. This volatility introduces costs to your network in the form of:

  • High-cost transportation:  Less-reliable, higher-cost carriers kick in when contracted or other “best “price carriers can’t adjust to volume peaks
  • Site overtime and detention:  Uncoordinated ship points release loads that arrive all at once, stressing both labor and carriers

Service failures:  Too many trucks arriving may mean much-needed product isn’t unloaded in time

Deployment volatility

There is a solution: The Transportation Planning suite created by combining LevelLoad & AutoO2 can smooth deployment and optimize loads to eliminate paying high freight costs. 

How Deployment Transportation Scheduler  LevelLoad works
How transportation planning works