AutoO2 - Case-picking and truck loading guidance



Considered by Procter & Gamble as their "Global best practice for case-picking and truck-loading"



AutoO2's cutting-edge technology:

  • Coordinated total package that optimizes customer order fulfillment
  • Takes axle and state laws into consideration to create legal loads
  • Builds pallets that will fit into a truck
  • Over 400+ rules and parameters to sequence the picking and loading of shipments
  • Optimizes palletized, floor-loaded and multi-stop shipments
  • Instructions can be given to users via paper, voice, RF and 3D diagrams

AutoO2's significant savings:

  • Cut product damage 50-75%
  • Reduce learning curve for new and seasonal employees 80%
  • Increase case-picking and truck loading productivity 15-20%
  • Increase shipment size 4-8%
  • Plus, advanced analytics that can help with re-slotting and other distribution challenges 

2D and 3D Pallet and Loading Diagrams:

  • Unique for every load
  • Reduces learning curve for inexperienced staff
  • Creates a consistent and repeatable loading process



               2D Truck Loading                                                    3D Truck Loading                                                        3D Pallet Building



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